The brand Wellinus is from Honest Farm Limited from Korea which was established in 2015 with the belief of “making honest products with honest ingredients. It is made in HACCP certified process. Its major business is home shopping platform and OEM products for clients. It started the export brand – Wellinus in 2023.

Key Products:

– Brown Rice Chips, No salt, no sugar, no trans-fat, no saturated fat. It is processed only with heat and pressure without deep frying which keeps the original nutty and light flavor of the grain. Additive-free pure processing. A convenient meal substitute for busy modern people. A great diet food and low-calorie dessert ingredient for children and mothers looking for healthy snacks

– Collagen Jelly Sticks with fruit concentrate, contains Ultra-low weight molecular fish collagen: The absorption rate of collagen is higher compared to general collagen with a larger molecular structure, meaning a more powerful effect on promoting healthy hair, skin and nails.

Collagen full of Pomegranate
Brown Rice Chips with Multiple Grains

100% Brown Rice Chips