That’s it.® was founded in US Los Angeles in 2012 by Dr. Lior Lewensztain and it’s the No. 1 seller of fruit bars in the US. It’s also awarded the Silver Award in the “Your Healthy Living Magazine 2023 Award” in the UK.  Dr. Lewensztain is passionate about plant-based food as preventative medicine, and in helping people on a large scale by creating portable, convenient snacking options made with simple, minimal ingredients. There are 3 ranges:

–  Regular fruit bars are made from 100% real fruit with no preservatives, added sugar, concentrates or purees.

– Probiotic fruit bars are great for boosting your immune system and gut health.

– Mini fruit bars are just like our regular fruit Bars, but in mini form! Great for kids lunches or a quick and easy snack on-the-go.

Standard Fruit Bar
Standard Probiotic Fruit Bar
Mini Fruit Bars